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available all year round

Detoxify to revitalize your body and soul, boost your health and immune system.

Relax, rejuvenate, de-stress, reconnect with nature & yourself on this yoga vacation. 

You will be treated to yummy, healthy meals, herbal teas, superfood smoothies & deserts



4 or 7 Days Relax & Detox

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available all year round

Find it hard to stop habits and start eating healthy? Does your mind feel too distracted for meditation? Do you experience anxiety or insomnia? Try a fasting spiritual experience.

Heal, lose weight & restart your metabolism as you deep cleanse and detoxify your body.



 5-10 Days Master Cleanse Fast 


available all year round

Treat yourself to the warm sun & soothing sea of the Caribbean with Reggae Vibez!

Practice yoga, meditate, read in a hammock, nap in daybed, sit around the fire, move to the Reggae beat, or sunbathe by the sea….

This is your ME time, you deserve it, enjoy it!



6 Days Yoga, Reggae & Sea


available on request

On a tight budget but still want to have some fun? No worries, share accommodation & get the best budget deal! Reconnect with yourself and do yoga as you have always wanted. 2 Yoga classes a day, Meditation, Vegan meals, Waterfall trip, Workshops



7 Days Budget & Explore


available all year round

A dream come true & life changing experience! 1 month to rewrite all your cells/ habits, reconnect to your intuition & heal and deeply detoxify your body.  Jesus fast for 1 month, shamans suggest 1 month to restore...

This is the BEST gift to Your Body & Soul!



1 Month Total Rejuvenation


available all year round

Fully design your own retreat experience.

We will tailor the retreat to your needs!

Length of stay: 1-30 Days... Budget ?

Food: Vegan, Raw, Fast, Juice, Combination

Goal: Just Relax, Heal, Weight Loss, Learn, Spiritual, Eating Habits, Prenatal, Explore...


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available on request

Are you a Yoga Teacher or a Life coach? 

Host your own retreat with us! We support you with everything you need & make it so smooth. We Have hosted Yoga Retreats, birthdays, bachelorette, weddings, company events, Teambuilding, Family reunions ...



20-26 March 2020

Join Urban Asanas tribe and bring your heart forward! In tropical paradise Jamaica relax with the sound of crashing waves, chill and bay on the private beach and the sea lagune, read in hamoock refreshed with a sea breaze while watching meditative sea landscapes... Feel totally rejuvenated and full of life.

6 Days Heart Forward Retreat


1- 6 August 2020

Flowing with Jamaica’s clear waters...
JOIN US! 🌿 Feel the warm sun on your skin, put your toes in the sand, relax your mind, delve into yoga and connect, all starting at the price of $995. Join Tiny Kirsti at her Yoga retreat in Jamaica

6 Days Finding Om Yoga Retreat


2- 6 February 2020

Join Kate Goodyear for a mid-winter getaway! This small bohemian eco-lodge features a private beach in a garden setting. We will enjoy amazing healthy food, yoga and some adventures! You will be falling asleep with the sound of the ocean and waking up with stunning views and magical sunrises that can be seen from your room. This trip will be limited to 13 students.

Nectar's Winter Getaway Retreat

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17-20 April 2020

Join Shardae Avents for vegan retreat in tropical Jamaica. Vegan and? beyond, you will explore and eat all amazing yummy gourmet vegan meals, learn about nutrition and what to eat and why. While relaxing and connecting to yourself and nature during meditations, yoga & free time spend in the heart of pure nature at Go Natural Jamaica.

4 Days Vegan & Beyond


17-23 November 2020

Join Sandra Van Dong-DeLaRonde RYT-200 for A Meditation and Yoga adventure! The island known as the enchanting jewel of the Caribbean. Portland is one of the most beautiful places on the island.  It is not a tourist area, therefore you will be far away from the rush and hustle of the city, but still have the chance to meet locals, walk around and enjoy amazing wild nature and the pulsing culture of sweet Jamaica.

7 Days Restore & Reconnect to Nature


14-22 February 2020

Join Shira Brenner with an open mind and a willingness to meet yourself where you are at.  Can you imagine waking up to a breathtaking Caribbean ocean sunrise with a coconut in hand every morning for a week? Do you crave healing ocean waves crashing below as you gaze out from your cliff-side hammock? Do you want to feel totally rejuvenated and full of life?

8 Days Soul Revival Retreat


13-17.July 2020

Shanicia Bosswell invites all goddesses to join her on a transformational journey to wellbeing, health & joy. Guided by Shanicia you will be able to find your purpose, heal, restore & connect with your innre self...

All that in tropical paradise Jamaica

5 Days Self Care Yoga Retreat





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