Experience Gourmet Jamaican cuisine with a twist!

Go Natural is home to professional nutritionists and chefs that hand make all the food served to guests.

All foods are vegan, vegetarian, or raw and are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free & Soy-Free!

Go Natural Jamaica is not only one of the best natural retreats for meditation holidays, but it is also one of the top vegan yoga retreats Jamaica, where you not only rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul, you also treat your taste bud to some of the amazingly delicious gourmet vegan Jamaican cuisine.

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Food is EVERYTHING - You ARE What You Eat!

Your body takes the food you eat and breaks them down to rebuild your body, so it only makes sense that how you feel is impacted by what you eat. 

Your frequency, vibration, moods, emotions, reactions, are all affected by the food you eat!


Go Natural is committed to bringing only the best, tastiest, and most nutritious foods to the table to help you rejuvenate your body and mind, cleanse & heal all your cells & satisfy all your taste buds!

 Our gourmet menu was designed by the Best Jamaican Vegan and Raw Chefs, Rasta Chef, Sippin Live, Peta Linton & Mr. Norbert with nutritional supervision of Ramjas, to bring you the finest flavors of Jamaica while maximizing nutrition.


All foods served at Go Natural are free of: gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, flour, and white rice.

You can choose from vegetarian, vegan, or raw menus*. Only fresh organic, seasonal, locally grown products are used in the preparation of meals. All vegetables, fruits, and herbs come from Go Natural’s own eco farm and garden or local Jamaican farmers.

*Juicing and Fasting plans are also available.


Jamaican flora possess 80% of the most powerful medicinal plants, such as Noni, Graviola Barks, Aloe Vera, Irish Mosh, Dandelion, Medina, Cerasee, Spanish Needle, Turmeric, Moringa and more! Go Natural chefs have learned to incorporate them into meals and use them as natural remedies to boost your healing and nutrition. The daily menu is based on Jamaican and Caribbean cuisines with a healthy twist that helps cleanse and rebalance the body. We follow correct food combinations for optimal digestion. As it is not only what we eat, but what we digest and assimilate that adds to our health. All foods and juices served at Go Natural are prepared with love and care, plus we’ll teach you about food so you can take these healthy habits back into your everyday life at home.


All meals are included in the cost of the retreat*

Food includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fresh juice, smoothies, coconut water, and fresh Jamaican herb teas.

*Master Cleanse Retreat does not include food, Master Cleanse Original Limonade Only

**Juicing Retreats only includes fresh fruits and vegetable juices.

All natural and local produce along with the best seasonal fruits makes it a food paradise for people looking to indulge in vegetarian food. We are the best vegetarian yoga retreat around here. Eat good and do yoga! Give your body the happiness it deserves!


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*Fresh Coconut Jelly is served with every breakfast


  • All seasonal fruits

  • Homemade Granola & Fresh made Coconut milk & bananas & raisins & spices

  • Pancakes with chocolate mouse & bananas (no flower, no sugar, no eggs...super yummy)

  • Jamaican porridge ( Green Banana or Plantain porridge) & caramelized bananas & raisins & chia

  • Eggs (scrambled or omelets) with seasonal vegetables / Ackee with vegetables for vegans

  • Super smoothie bowl (Chocolate dream or Fruit dream)



* Signature tropical dressings served with each salad  (mango madness, passion fruit, papaya tropic, coco loco or classic)

* Fry Plantains or Breadfruit (in coconut oil) or Dehydrated Plantains, Calaloo, Tomatoes served with salad or soup    

  • Soups:  Coconut soup, Pumpkin soup, Green Goddess soup, Ital Lentil soup, Ackee & Calaloo soup

  • Salads: Tropical salad, Green papaya salad, Jamaican salad, Mango salad, Seaweed & Sprouts Salad

  • Cucumber pasta with Avocado/Tomato sauce & warm Carrot pasta with cashew cream sauce

  • Salad bar (design your salad from fresh organic seasonal vegetables, seeds, sprouts & toppings)



* Fresh Vegetables served with each dinner ( veg sushi rolls, Kimchi, veg barbecue, spiralized salad...)

  • Ackee with vegetables & roasted breadfruit, Roasted ripe plantains, Ripe plantain dip

  • Coconut Rundown with buckwheat noodles, Beetroot hummus, grilled zucchini, steam calaloo

  • Stuffed eggplant with vegetables in coconut cream sauce, pumpkin katare, curry okra

  • Reggae Lentil balls with grilled veggies and coconut cream, grilled eggplant

  • Curry Ackee with yam, sweet potato or breadfruit, Beetroot hummus

  • Zukini pasta with tomato sauce & cashew cheese

  • Stuffed chocho with vegetables in coconut cream

  • Steam veg mix (pokcoi, carrot, string beans, okra), sweet potato croquettes, jackfruit seeds hummus

  • Beany Rundown (Broad Beans) with green bananas, sushi rolls



* Fresh Fruit or Vegetable juice or Coconut Kefir or Smoothie served with each snack

*no flower just dehydrated coconut, no sugar just Maple syrup, no diary only fresh made coconut milk

  • Muffins: Chocolate, Coco, Banana, Carrot

  • Vegan & Raw cakes ( Jackfruit Cashew Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Banana Cake, No Bake Brownies)

  • Homemade icecreams (coco dream, mango passion, pina colada, choco loco, plantain joy) 

  • Super smoothies & drinks ( Pumpkin punch, Golden Milk, Green banana tea, Bissy tea...) 

  • Calaloo chips, tomato chips & jerked coconut & jackfruit hummus

  • Dehydrated plantains, pumpkins chips & split peas hummus

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