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We are here to support you in your Retreat experience. Putting all our hearts & talents, so you can OVERJOY yourself!


Kelly Jones is an adventurous life pioneer. She has made journey her life manifesto and experience her muse.
Born in San Diego, CA, Kelly was also raised in the Washington DC Metro Area.
Always a dreamer, she moved to Hollywood in her twenties to pursue acting, but her passion for learning guided her to travel down a different path and toward that of higher education. A desire for understanding people, cultures and worldviews, inspired Kelly to study religion at UCLA, graduating magna cum laude in 2004.

Forever the explorer, Kelly traveled after college before settling down in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands for graduate school to study education-guidance counseling.
Education is a cornerstone for this dynamic woman, who attended photography school in Washington DC and yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Kelly photographed professional rodeo while simultaneously owning a yoga studio in Prescott, AZ.

Kelly, never one to sit on the sidelines, was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. This is one of her most prized accomplishments.
Yoga teacher trainings are what led Kelly to travel to Jamaica and made her never want to leave. In 2017, Kelly met her husband Zappa. Collectively they dreamt and designed what they wanted their lives to look like, and they manifested it with hard set goals and discipline.
In May 2022, Kelly and Zappa purchased Go Natural Jamaica in Portland Parish.
Goran “Zappa” Jones is a wise man and teacher. Everyone who crosses his path comes away with some insight, inspiration or a lesson. Many people in the community simply refer to him as “Teacha”.
Zappa was born and raised here in Portland, Jamaica. He grew up 5 miles miles away from Go Natural Jamaica. When he was a teenager he followed in his beloved grandfather’s footsteps and learned the trade of reinforcing iron working. Zappa grew up on gorgeous Winnifred Beach where he fished and life guarded. In 2017, he became a yoga teacher.
In 2018, Zappa immigrated to the United States where he worked as an iron worker in San Diego, Ca and also lived in Prescott, AZ.
In May, 2022, Zappa became an American citizen and is a proud Jamaican/American.

October - February with Omkari and Vasu  

Omkari and Vasu are traveling yoga teachers. They spent years exploring ancient knowledge of body and mind,  learning from the yoga ashrams and gurus of  India, Buddhist monks of Nepal, vipassana teachers of  Myanmar and healers of  Bali, Indonesia. Their yoga teachings base on traditional hatha yoga style which allowed everyone to get body, mind and spiritual benefits.  They love art and use it in their spiritual practice as the wheel to turn emotions into devotion,  open the heart to the new beginning and universal  love! 

(September with Nativenowhere (Tristan Young)

Tristan is a world traveler & healer. He absolved classical Yoga training in India & base his classes on classical Hatha asanas with profound connection with chakras. His healing techniques are instant and based upon where the individual is at in their life's process. His knowledge & approach is personalized to the specific needs of each student. 1 to 1 sessions available during whole September

June & July with Mandisa Reid 

Mandisa is experienced Yoga teacher & Master Massage therapist. She went to India where she studied Ayurveda and completed her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. This changed her to the core on so many levels. She recognized that the answers to living the life we were all meant to live were hidden in ancient medicinal systems. After that, she traveled to the Amazon of Peru to learn about the traditional medicines used in most pharmaceutical medicines. Mandisa now seeks to combine hidden ancient wisdom with modern scientific approaches to achieve holistic health for herself and others. She believes that if people are in balance the world will be in balance too.   

March & April 2017 with Kim Montgomery

Kim is a passionate traveler who studied Yoga and Yoga Sciences in India and Tibet.

She attained her first Certification at Sivananda School of Yoga, Neyyar Dam, India.

She then studied Astanga Yoga under Pattabi Jois in Mysore, attained a certification in Yoga Therapy at Vivekananda Kendra, in Bangalore, took courses in Yoga Nidra, Vipassana Meditation and Pranic Healing.

In addition, Kim is a certified Hypnotist and practicing Medicine Woman.

Kim as few decades of teaching experience & can teach most Yoga styles you can name.

 Kim diligently continues to do ‘The Great Work’, and is committed not only to continuing her own expansion, but also in assisting others to find the motivation to grow through action. Kim believes ‘when we remember what we know, we understand deeply that we are Supreme Beings and that our capacity is limitless’.

February & March 2017 with Kassandra Kernisan

Kassandra is a certified Naturopath, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor (CYT-RYT 200) and Entrepreneur who has had a strong love, passion and respect for Holistic Wellness for over a decade and has over 7 years of personal research and professional experience in the Natural Health field. Her ultimate mission is to promote health empowerment. She holds a Naturopath Certification from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada and a RYT200 certification from the Yoga Skills School of Kemetic Yoga. She is the founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness, Canada’s 1 st Kemetic Yoga studio and Pure Violet Natural Cosmetics, aline of 100% natural, herb-infused skin and hair-care, aromatherapy products and healing herb teas.

December 2016 & January & February 2017 with Lisa Tai

Lisa is a practitioner of yoga since 2001. She is passionate about helping others, especially with relaxation and self-care. Guided by the Buddhist principle of Metta (loving-kindness), she creates a supportive and safe environment in which to explore and grow. She sees yoga asana as a vehicle for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation. Lisa teaches various Yoga styles (Hatha, Flow, Yin, Restorative) & is Thai Massage Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Esthetician, and Reiki Practitioner. A hands-on teacher who believes in the healing power of therapeutic touch & brings elements of thai massage into her classes.

September & October 2016 with Sinduja

Sinduja has been trained in the Bihar School of Yoga. As a teacher, she is patient, caring and sensitive to the needs of the students.

She likes working with co-travelers, rather than students and loves to help them feel better in their own space. Challenging them at a time, she helps work through physical, mental, emotional issues with ease.
















August 2016 with Nayobi Perdomo

Nayobi style is fusion of vinyasa, meditation and restorative with focus on detoxification. influenced by her own practice, her teaching is dynamic, energetic and steady. The base of classes is a focus on breath, while leading students through a series of poses. The sequence and intensity of the class vary in accordance with students’ experience, energy and prowess. 


















May 2016 with Janelle Oswald

Tap into your Natural Brilliance, Inner Power and Strength - Balance Male & Female energy to start the beginning of spring stress-free. 
Rejuvenate your mind, build your core and open your chakras practicing a fusion of Hatha and Kemetic (ancient African) postures.


















February to July 2016 with Jolien Dieleman

Jolien started practicing yoga over a decade ago, looking for a way to relieve back and shoulder pain. She quickly noticed the tremendous benefits yoga has to offer; a lot less pain, improved posture, a wider range of motion and a more peaceful sense of self. Intrigued by the philosophy behind yoga she went to India in 2011 to deepen her practice. She feels yoga has enriched her life in so many ways, that she is committed to sharing it with as many people as possible.



















January 2016 with Julianne Jonnes

With a 200-hour RYT certification in Forrest-Inspired Vinyasa, she teaches from her experience & focusing on the needs of student.

Her style of teaching reflects personal practice --with compassion, honesty, playfulness, and a deep sense of calm. From practicing Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Hatha, Forrest, and Dharma yoga, classes integrate principles from each of these with a core focus of getting students to connect to their breath, become more intelligent in their bodies, and to work in a healing yet strengthening way.

















December 2015 with Desiree Crosmann

Desiree is a certified teacher under Yoga Alliance, a Joga instructor, ITM Thai massage teacher. She obtained her yoga certifications in the US and in India, has taught Hatha from beginners, intermediate to dynamic, as well as Vinyasa, Yin, JOGA, conditioning skills and drills, and pranayama. Desiree enjoys teaching fundamentals as she feels it is important for people to learn the foundation first in order to progress further in their practice. For more information, check out

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