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FAQs & INFO   

Frequently Asked Questions & All you need to know...


Gratuity of 5% much appreciated


For each booking made directly from our website, we give 15$ to a charity

Know before you go


Check-in / Check-out: Flexible! We will try to adjust as much as possible to your itinerary :)
Flights info:
The closest airport is Kingston.   
We provide you with:
*Yoga Mats & props
*Natural cosmetics

Alcohol is not permitted on the premises

Seasonal information


Weather in Jamaica is sweet all year long, 360 sunny days! and the rain? we call it liquid sunshine, tropical rain can take few minutes or an hour, few times a year it rains whole day, but weather in Jamaica change very fast...

Jamaica has a spectacular climate all year-round. Average daytime temperatures range from 80° to 95°F (28°-34°C) and the water just a few grades less. July and August are usually the hottest months, and February the coolest, however, the difference between hot and cold months is as little as 10°F (7°C).

The climate is very tropical. March and December are the rainiest months, with the most rain falling in the mountains. When rain does fall, it is usually light showers, it lasts for just a short time, and then the sky clears and the sun shines. 

If you see a rainy forecast, don't despair - weather changes quickly in Jamaica.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June through November each year. Keep in mind, however, that Caribbean is a much bigger area than you think, so the chances of a hurricane finding this little island are slim.

Travel insurance information

We recommend that you have travel insurance and a travel health insurance.



A deposit of 100 USD is payable for holidays booked. Once we receive your deposit your booking is confirmed and a receipt will be sent to you by e-mail and, if requested, by post.

Payment of the outstanding balance is to be paid in cash upon arrival.

Accepted payment methods: Bank wire transfer, Western Union, Cash, Check, Credit Card (3,5% fee)



If any party member needs to cancel, this must be done in writing and signed by the party leader. Cancellation takes effect from the date we receive your written cancellation instruction.

If you cancel after the booking has been confirmed, you must pay a fee to compensate for the expense and losses that we incur as a result.

Cancellation between day the booking is made and 29 days (four weeks) before it commences: The full deposit payment will be forfeit, but any balance payment already made will be refunded.

Cancellation between 12 and 28 days before it commences: The full deposit payment and 70% of the balance payment will be forfeit. The remaining 30% of the balance payment will be refunded.

Cancellation within 11 days of the start of the holiday: The full price of your holiday will be forfeit. No refund will be made.

These fees reflect our estimated loss as a result of dealing with your booking to point of cancellation. You may be able to claim under your Travel Insurance policy if this cancellation falls within the conditions of that policy.

Medical Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

Before embarking on one of our retreats it is recommended that you consult your physician. We do not claim our programs or products will positively impact any health condition or symptom. Users should review any information supplied to or on this Website with their own medical professionals. Since no physician-patient relationship exists between you and Go Natural, please do not share personal medical information that you wish to keep confidential.

Keep in mind that our programs do not take into consideration particular ailments that may be specific to each guest, and you acknowledge that you are aware of the impact that Go Natural programs or products may have on your health and have discussed that impact with your physician and/or dietician, as necessary. Also, keep in mind that any assessment or recommendation made by a staff member at Go Natural is made based on the information you provide.




When you make a reservation for any retreat at Go Natural you agree to the terms and conditions of this Release and Waiver form.

As a participant in a program organized and conducted by Go Natural, my heirs, legal representatives, representatives or any other third party who has standing to make claims on my behalf hereby release any and all present or future claims that I may have against Go Natural, its owners, officers or employees from any and all liability that they may presently have or in the future may have arising out of their ownership or employment by Go Natural and my participation in a Go Natural program.

This Release shall include but not be limited to any and all liability that Go Natural may incur as a result of traveling to and from a Go Natural program as well as any claims for cancellations, negligence, travel, injury, disease, illness, death, or dismemberment that may arise as a result of traveling to or participating in any Go Natural program.

Go Natural does not make any warranties or representations concerning travel or other arrangements made by Go Natural on my behalf.

I further understand and I am fully aware of the risks involved with participating in movement activities offered by Go Natural and I assume that risk. I have been informed by Go Natural that I may wish to consult a physician prior to my participation in this program, and Go Natural or any of its owners, employees or agents are not responsible for any physical injury/illness (including death) or damage, known or unknown, I may suffer as a result of my participation in this program.

I hereby confirm I have read, understand and agree to the above conditions.

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