REGGAE MANTRAS - Ras Zacharri, Yoga music for Meditation and Relaxation


OHM 108 times                    ....... HEALING

​The chanting of one of the most ancient mantras, OHM, invokes devotion and deep reverence. It represents the changeless, eternal, all-pervasive Divinity. OHM is that primordial sound which is resonating in everything in the universe and beyond. Let equanimity, tranquility and a profound sense of quietude envelope you as the music takes you on the journey deep within. Chant along or simply let its divine vibrations reverberate in the recesses of your heart.


Repeating OHM Chants 108 times can be Magical for Body and Soul. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and Yoga


Chanting Ohm is the best spiritual, physical and mental exercise one needs to perform daily to live a fulfilling, happy and healthy life. The sound of OHM takes us back to the creation of Universe and its power. When you chant OHM, you align your Chakras for Pranic or Life Force Energy flow without problems.
Chanting OHM Improves Blood circulation, Reduces Stress, Improves Focus and Concentration, Reduces Anxiety and Depression, Relaxes Muscles, Improves Nervous function,
Improves Digestive health And above all gives a complete sense of Control.
One should chant OHM at least 108 times daily for maximum benefits.
With OHM, you start generating better ideas. Your perception improves. You think and talk more positive. Your work efficiency improves tremendously. You get more productive. You will find yourself more balanced, happier and satisfied in Life. Your personality becomes attractive. One who chants Om forms a layer of Positive Aura around him which can be easily felt by others. It enhances our ability to make better decisions based on Conscious thinking, thereby taking us to success, peace and joy in Life. OHM


Reggae mantras vol1

The BEST music for your YOGA studio & home

Powerful Mantras & Playful Reggae

Rise Vibration of your studio & home


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Loaded with positive vibrations, Harmony, Peace, Joy, Clarity, Love, Visualization, Manifestation

"It`s like doing spiritual work effortlessly"

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