OM Laasuun Kaan                      .......  MONEY & WEALTH MANTRA


​Ancient Egyptian Money Mantra Om LaasuunKaan Bsharoegh Brzeeshreeng


The Vedic/Hindu mantra for Wealth is „Shreem Brzee", you might be familiar with it thanks to

Dr. Pillai. What my Third Eye showed me is that the Ancient Egyptians had their own ShreemBrzee Money Mantra; the similarity is astounding: Brzee Shreeng vs Shreem Brzee. Pay attention to the fact that two completely different cultures share one sound for attracting money the spiritual way.

What is interesting about this mantra is that the „Bsharoegh Brzeeshreeng" sound is to multiply

money and „LaasuunKaan" to attract it. In the RA Golden Beetle Tradition, simply chanting

Shreem Brzee is only 66% of the energy to multiply money, not to mention that the soundLaasuunKaan is for attracting wealth is completely missing.BE SHA Ro ED DE HH(U) pronounce BsharoeghWhen Shreem Brzee is not working for you as you wish, you can try this as this is a complete sound for both attraction and multiplying material wealth.Mantras program the Chi/Ra/Prana that is surrounding and in you. These sounds make the law of attraction do as you wish..


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OM Laasuun Kaan - MONEY

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