Jim & Lisa

Tennesse, USA

Wow what a great time at GO NATURAL Jamaica! They made us feel right at home the moment we arrived. The location was peaceful and safe. The staff was helpful and friendly. The juice and food were fresh and very tasty. Even though we were yoga beginners we were treated with love and respect. The yoga sessions were adjusted for our experience. The instructor was able to challenge all the students despite the fact that we had a wide range of disabilities at the same session. Best of all there were dogs to help us recover from the hard sessions! In short, we loved it.



"I had a wonderful time at Go Natural! First, the place itself is gorgeous! Just by being surrounded by the lush green vegetation and blue sky and sea immediately brings peace of mind. This beauty paired up with delicious food and top-notch yoga classes allowed me to completely submerge into this unique experience, let go all worries and reboot myself. I am highly recommending Go Natural to all my friends and looking forward to coming back again! "

Ati Namvar

Washington, USA

"Go natural was a beautiful space full of great vibes and peaceful energy. I felt great here surrounded by the ocean and amazing people. Thank you go natural for all the love and kindness, I hope to be back again one day! "​


Miami, USA

"I could not asked for a better time. Everything from the food to the people to the country was beautiful. My stay was as advertised, but better in my opinion. They were so friendly. The food at the retreat was different everyday and so delicious! The yoga - wow. I learned so much! I wish I could have stayed longer. I definitely recommend this retreat and plan to go back!"​



"I had a magical time at Go Natural! Althgough I've been a little delayed in writing this review, I have not stopped thinking about my time at GO Natural. I decided to book a retreat on a whim right before starting a new job. I knew I needed something to give me a boost before diving into all the challenges and excitement that comes with a new job. I had no idea what to expect from my 4-day retreat. I could not have imagined a more incredible experience. From the moment I arrived, it felt like home. Even the long journey from the airport was filled with amazing views and fun stops for fresh coconuts. The people I met here, from the staff to the guests, rejuvenated me and taught me so much. The accommodations are simple, but therein lies the beauty. The natural landscape that surrounds you is all you need. I spent most of my time outside. The excursions we took were magical. Gorgeous waterfall and beaches like I've never seen. It was pure joy. Even in 4 short days, I felt like I gained so much that I have brought back with me. This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I really hope to come back again. I want to send big hugs and thanks to everyone at GO Natural. You all are incredible human beings and I feel so lucky to have met you. "​



"I went for five days and stayed for six days. I would have stayed longer for the healthy and delicious food and the beautiful part of Jamaica that I have never been to. Can't say enough about the staff or the place and met other guests from all over."


Vancouver, Canada

"Amazing experience! Highly recommended for those looking to recover with sun, peace and privacy. Sea-view room is definitely worth the extra dollars. I slept with the patio doors open every night and awoke to a beautiful sunrise and salt spray. The girls do a wonderful job! Ramjas reviewed my eating habits and recommended a few changes to help improve my nutrition and fix my tummy. Jolien was a delight – so calm, fun, and innovative. Everything was so tailored for me! The Master Cleanse was surprisingly easy – I thought I would only last two days but ended up fasting for 9 days. I feel light, clear headed, calm, sexy, and relaxed. You can’t beat this place, honestly! Really enjoyed making All Natural face-cream, toothpaste, and deodorant! Regarding the beach – the property is located right on the beach which is surrounded by coral and thus rocky. There is a beautiful dipping pool where rocks have been cleared. For those who love to swim in calm waters and snorkel, I would recommend walking over to the bigger beach (not private) within a 5 min walk. Boston Bay beach is another spot tho more touristy. Big love to all the staff at Go Natural!"


Toronto, Canada

"I had a magical time at Go Natural! Althgough I've been a little delayed in writing this review, I have not stopped thinking about my time at GO Natural. I decided to book a retreat on a whim right before starting a new " The Go Natural retreat is a piece of heaven on earth. By the end of my 5-day detox retreat, I felt more relaxed, peaceful and nourished than I had in years. The beautiful setting and delicious, wholesome food were great, but what really makes this place unique is the care of Ramjas and her staff. They are truly invested in supporting everyone's health, offer a wellspring of helpful information and a full program of activities supported by great yoga instructors. I highly recommend Go Natural to anyone looking for a restorative vacation. Thank you so much!"


New York, USA

I did a 10 days Master Cleanse at GoNatural yoga resort in Jamaica and it was an amazing experience. It is such a relaxing place with the most amazing nature just next to the ocean. I enjoyed waterfront massage, waterfall swim and beach relaxation. I did yoga every morning and evening and it was always customized to my mood and how I felt physically. I loved the yoga and the breathing exercises were great. I could really feel that I learned something and was much better at it after the 10 days. I had an issue with my back when I came and when I left it was so much better. The biggest change was how much my mood and mental state changed over the 10 days. When I came I was frustrated about my unemployment situation and generally stressed about living in a busy city like NYC. On day 4 I had a breakthrough I cried a bit and I found out that I needed to stop thinking so much about money and what other people was thinking of me and my career and just do what I felt passionate about. 
So all in all an amazing experience!


Chicago, USA

I spent two amazing weeks at GoNatural Retreat. It was the best vacation ever! I was dreaming to start new life with new food habits and regime but I didn't have chance in my busy life schedule to implement and continue with yoga practice and healthy habits every day. I choose 9 days of Detox program and 5 days of Master Cleanse program with no food. It was my first time of fasting in my life I was exited but afraid that it is going to be hard to accomplish. But It wasn't hard at all!!! It was amazing experience!!!! I enjoyed of each day of my detox and cleanse, because of really big help and support of my Yoga Teacher Ramjas!!!! Ramjas is professional,very knowledgeable and caring host. She did everything possible to make me go through my challenging programs with peaceful and relaxing accommodation. She was even fasting with me and we went together though 5 days of Master cleanse. She is so caring,supportive, loving and beautiful soul!!! She was motivating and encouraging through all my stay. Without her it wasn't be possible!!! I am really grateful to Ramjas and GoNatural team. The food and juices were perfect, detoxifying smoothies from Tropical fruits, fresh herbal teas. Ramjas shared with many healthy recipes and ideas how to maintain the healthy life style. Yoga on the beach with herbal teas was unreal and fantastic, with breathing and deep meditations. Natural creams, mask and scrubs that we did on the beach, that was made from organic and medicinal plants. Snorkeling and swimming in a beautiful blue water with unbelievable fish. It was stress dissolving time, clearing on all levels, rejuvenating for soul and body and connection with my inner self. It was vacation that I was looking for so long. This has been truly transformational for me. Thank you GoNatural and God Bless You.

Sandra & Paloma


"Go Natural is a beautiful, magical place! My experience there was beyond excellent. The food is fresh and delicious, staff are friendly and helpful, and accommodations are simple but clean and comfortable. Be prepared to fall in love with Jamaica and never want to leave!"


Pennsilvania, USA

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience for me! It was terrific...everything was amazing albeit too short! I hope I can come back one day :)



"I just returned from a four day yoga retreat at Go Natural. This was the first time Ive taken any sort of trip like this alone, and this was my first experience with yoga! I needed to get out of Brooklyn for a few days to unwind, and I dont think I could have found a more relaxing place to do so than Go Natural. All the email correspondences before the trip were informative and friendly. All my questions were answered right away. My arrangements to and from the airport in Kingston were done for me.The staff, food, accommodations, and our instructor, Ramjas, were all so wonderful. Ramjas sat me down when I arrived and we spoke of what I was hoping to get from the retreat, and how best I thought she could help me. She is a very warm, intelligent, gentle soul and made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived (even though this whole experience was way outside my comfort zone). The yoga was tailored to each person and how easy or difficult they wanted to work at it.There is something to do at every hour (snacks, meals, nutrition classes, how to make natural cosmetics, waterfall tours, etc.) though all of it is optional and you are free to come and go as you please. My favorite part was the after-sunset yoga and meditation. That far south in the Caribbean there is little pollution in the air, so the amount of stars you see each night is incomprehensible. This was the best possible introduction to yoga I could have asked for. It is nice to be surrounded by like-minded people looking to better themselves and the world they live in. I am grateful to have met and shared time with the staff and other retreat-goers. Best of luck in 2016!"


Virgin Islands

I was not looking forward to my trip to Jamaica. I was feeling anxious about dealing with some family business. A friend suggested I end the trip at a retreat and found GO Natural, this decision has enhanced the quality of my life! Ramjas and Lion were fantastic hosts. Tracy's cooking was so good, I wish I could have taken her home!

The retreat is set in a beautiful location, I spent the first 2 days in a hammock catching up on reading and sleep, by day 3 I was feeling energised.

I had never done yoga before, however, Ramjas was patient with me. I now continue to do yoga at home and with a formal class! I learned about nutrition, the 7 days diminished my cravings for sugar, and processed carbs, and as a bonus I lost 5 pounds!


Pennsilvania, USA

I don't think it's possible to put into words how wonderful this trip was for me! Go Natural truly healed me, both physically and mentally.This was my first time traveling alone out of the country and I was relieved to feel so safe and taken care of by the staff at Go Natural. The food was AMAZING and Ramjas took the time to explain all of the different foods and their benefits as well as the benefits of Ayurvedic food combinations. I felt that there was as much emphasis on the food as there was on the yoga, and I enjoyed learning and of course eating! I was the only guest during my 3 day stay, which couldn't have been more perfect for me. I had the hammocks all to myself and spent my time reading, swimming, eating, practicing yoga, and just being relaxed and happy. I did the waterfall trip, which was incredibly beautiful. There was a local man, a guide, who took me on a hike through the waterfalls. He was very kind and a pleasure to spend time with. I loved getting to know Leon, the Go Natural driver. He was kind and funny and I felt very taken care of by him. The driving and road conditions are very different from the US, but I quickly realized that Leon knew what he was doing and knew the roads, so I sat back and enjoyed the ride. There were 4 dogs that lived on the property, they were so sweet, and helped me from missing my dogs at home too much. The previous reviews I read before going were very helpful and spot on. This is a retreat for the nature lover; there is no tv, and an on/off switch for the hot water in the shower. I wouldn't have had it any other way, but for some people this may not be ideal. I was upgraded to the ocean view room, which has a private bathroom. I listened to the waves crash at night. I learned so much about being healthy and was sent home with a CD that contains all of the recipes, yoga info, music, and other info so that I can keep utilizing this information. I truly miss Go Natural, Ramjas, Leon, Tracy and am a better person for having the experience.

Lisa & Niki

Philadelphia, USA

We enjoyed every second of the retreat and are so grateful to have met everyone on the retreat


New York, USA

GO Natural Jamaica was a place of profound healing for me. When I arrived, I didn't know what to expect. After a long winter in NYC, I needed sunshine & solitude. Ramjas & Zac were gracious hosts, leading me through guided meditations, beautiful sunrise/sunset yoga classes. The food is INCREDIBLE! The knowledge of the healing properties of food and their love of Ayurveda make the experience one that you learn from. Between the setting, the eco-friendly atmosphere&the beautiful people who run it, GO Natural Jamaica is a must for self-healing.


Pau Brasil, Brazil

Amazing place Delicious natural food Wonderful people  Great yoga


Texas, USA

Thank you for making my stay so special. I leave here feeling peaceful, calm and blessed. It was an experience I will never forget.



This place is wonderful. My wife and I were on a week trip through Jamaica exploring the coast, mountains and city. We started off here to unwind and detox from Brooklyn living. It was better than imagined and we ended up staying 4 days, full package which includes daily yoga, food and activities. I have to make special mention of the food because it was some of the best that I had during our whole trip. Everyday was clean, delicious, fresh in season food that was new to my tastebuds in a lot of ways. Highly, highly recommend going for the food especially if you are a fan of ital or vegan. Another mention has to go out to Tony their driver. He was super chill and fun to talk to. Lastly, Ramjas is a great teacher. As a yoga beginner I didn't really know what I was stepping into but Ramjas made us feel comfortable and led classes that were easy to follow. I ended up reading through her library and learning quite a bit about healthy eating and herbs. Ramjas is very knowledgable, a great teacher and a fantastic host. One last thing is that the other guests were awesome. Everyone was like minded and many of them were from Kingston so it was cool for us to meet friends that we could later visit in Kingston. As you can see from all the photos the landscape and area are like being in paradise. Can't wait to go back! ”ial here


Paris, France

GoNatural Jamaica felt like (a better version of my) home during the 10 days of my stay doing the Master cleanse. And there is plenty to do in the surroundings too. A very pleasant, instructive stay & many beautiful souls met. My mind & body are grateful to all the GoNatural crew! If you want to know more about the Mastercleanse experience you can read the article i wrote on my blog afterwards :
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