Mantra against negativity

April 2, 2014

Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa, Har Har Har



Lord became my protector. The truest of true takes care of me. God, God, God


The meaning of the mantra :

This mantra cleanse negativity in our environment and in us. It is a gift that allows us to penetrate into the unknown without fear. It gives us protection and mental balance , positive effects on our hearts and strengthens self-control , it helps to get through obstacles. It is also suitable for the prosperity and good relations . You can also use it for cleaning the area , such as when a company moves into a new area or a new house, when you leave it subliminally play from a player takes a few days. According to Yogi Bhajan , this mantra eliminates hostility and permanently blocks the dopady.


Praxis : Sit in a comfortable position ( or chair ) , keep your spine straight , put your hands on your knees , fingers clasped in Gyan mudra. The index finger and thumb are pressed together at the tips , other fingers are relaxed .

Sing the mantra from the center of your Self. With each breath, you feel the tension leaves and relaxes fear.


Time :

start with 3 minutes of practice , you can gradually take up to 31 minut.


stop singing , take a deep breath , hold your breath and feel the vibration of the sound , then exhale and relax a while .

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