GUIDED MEDITATION - healing waterfalls

I invite you to go on a meditation that will help us heal and release dis-comforts and dis-eases that we might have accumulated through the last month, maybe years, or even during this week only.

First, please sit comfortably. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes (or imagine your eyes closed, if you are reading this text…) so you can observe inwardly and see the process we’re going to begin now.

Start the meditation by taking a deep breath. Pay attention to your body and your breathing. With every breath you take, please notice where in your body are the ‘knots’ of tension, discomforts, or even heaviness; notice which areas are lighter and relaxed. With each breath you take, feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper into a state where we’re close to our soul, our highest being. That we see past the ego and the challenges of everyday life… Past the tensions and worries.

With each breath you take, fell the tension seeping out of your forehead; relax your eyeballs, your eyebrows, and eyelids. Feel the tension dissolving down. Relax your jaws and your shoulders. Feel the spine releasing the tension slowly. As if every breath you take you’re pushing the tension away, outwards from your body, from your feet into the earth.

Now, notice in front of you a staircase that goes down. This will take us deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind of your body and your state. Now we can release the tensions on a deeper level. All you need to do is step gradually, slowly. One step at a time, down… until you reach the bottom of the staircase. If you can’t visualize it, just know or remember a staircase that you might have seen before. Just feel and experience the idea of going deep down to the level of your soul; to the level where your mind does not control the body all the time.

As we reach the bottom of the stairs, I want you to notice a little animal darting just in front of you, at the corner of your eye. Each one of you will have a different one. Some will see animals, some will see a person; some might have a bird or another being, perhaps a butterfly or dragonfly. This is your guide. This being will tell you what you need to learn, what qualities you need to absorb right now. As you see this being moving in front of you, follow it into the dark tunnel that you can see now in front of you.

A little bit like Alice in Wonderland, we step in and as we go forward, behind our beautiful guide; we notice that although it’s perhaps dark and steep down, we have no fear because our guide brings us light and shimmering energy that envelopes us like a cloak. The deeper we go, the stronger the energy grows. All of your auric field starts to shimmer and shine, almost like a translucent iridescent colour.

At the end of this tunnel, we come out at a beautiful place; the most beautiful valley with trees, blue sky and sunshine. Notice the deep breaths you now take, and the energy that flows into your body, as if we are reborn after a long journey.

In front of us, we notice a little river. We follow it as it zigzags in front of us, hiding behind the bend of the trees and the rocks. Hear the sound of the water running down, the twittering of the birds and the gentle rustle of the leaves in the wind. As we follow the river, with the river behind us, we go against its flow. And as we go, all our worries, our troubles, our discomforts are flowing down away from us, dissolving in the water of love and grace.

Now we arrive at a beautiful place. It’s almost like a stage surrounded by trees. There are 7 waterfalls, separated, but all next to each other in a row. Each one in a different colour. It is such a beautiful day; it’s so lovely, warm, and fresh that you can take off the clothes and stand under the first waterfall. Wade into the water gently. As you get closer and closer to the waterfall, you feel the energy start spreading into your body, going from your feet upwards. It is white energy. It takes away anxieties and knots of tension.

Stand under the waterfall. Its colour is white and slightly purplish; a beautiful indigo colour that also has sparkles of other colours in it… almost unearthly colours.

Now, place your head under the water and feel the energy cascading down along with the water, flowing into your crown chakra; washing away every discomfort and unease, anxieties and worries. Feel how it fills your body with this beautiful indigo colour. It almost feels like your body’s empty. Just the shell remains and it is slowly, gradually filled with this beautiful colour.

Feel every organ, every muscle, every tissue; feel them energized with this beautiful colour. Notice which areas are darker and which areas are brighter, which areas soak in more colour than others. As you stand there, full of this beautiful indigo light feeling the energy cascading through your crown chakra, through your whole body, feel how you become much more relaxed than before.

Your mind opens to new possibilities, and perhaps soon ideas will come to you that will take you to a new level of spiritual development. Be open-minded; be open to any ideas that will come your way.

Now, we’re going to move to the next waterfall, just next to it. The water here falls gently; much slower, a little bit like a tickly rain; like a fine rain on your head down on your body. Feel the energy slightly different. Its colour is beautiful turquoise blue. It is tiptoeing around your body; gently touching you. Notice how the sinuses open up; the blood circulation quickens. You feel the energy starts to flood in, the physical energy from your feet upwards and down again in a cosmic orbit. This beautiful turquoise light is filling up your body, very gently. You almost do not sense, do not feel the physical impact of that energy. It is there working on you nevertheless.

Notice which areas of your body are tighten up, absorbing more energy, or perhaps even resisting it. These are the areas where you locked up emotions that are waiting to be released. Let that energy tap into that; gentle tapping, to awaken the secret doors to release these emotions. It might be that some of it starts to bleed with a darker colour into the water of the river, flowing away from you, while new energy, beautiful energy washes away the blockages, washes away the knots of anxiety, the fears, and the angers.

Feel how your liver is expanding, opening to this beautiful energy. Feel your throat responding to that, and the thymus. The energy reminds you to always speak what you need to say. Express yourself freely. No one has the power to stop you or to belittle you. You are very special. You use your skills to the best, to the outmost benefit. You are loved and appreciated by all people. You love and appreciate yourself.

Continue with the breathing. Take deep breaths that will allow the trunks of your lungs to fill up with air, with energy. Your breathing comes not only into the chest but through your tummy, bringing in more and more of that beautiful turquoise energy.

We are now shifting to the next waterfall, right next to it. It’s got a beautiful green colour. The energy feels so gentle it’s almost like silk, falling in gentle