Magic Master Cleanse

This is my 7 th day of Master Cleanse and I'm feeling great!

Its 5 th time I'm going through this purification & healing procedure and I can feel that every time it goes little deeper...

I Just finished reading one of the most amazing books in the topic The Master Cleanse by Stanley Borroughs.

Master Cleanse is the most powerful cleansing & detoxification technique known to man from ancient times. S Borroughs is mentioned in many texts & blogs to be the founder of this technique in 1940. But Master Cleanse was known long time before that by Mayans & Aztecs and often used annually for purification of body & mind & spirit.

I was recommended this cleanse by Shaman in Mexico in 2012. He told me I should do 1 month, only If I can't do so I should do 10 days. So I did 10 days :)

I knew by my intuition from the very beginning that its good!

I learn many years ago (perhaps by reading “Book of Secrets” by Osho ) , that when Shaman/ Guru / Mystical teacher / Healer gives me advice, I should just DO IT & no doubt. The doubt would just kill it...

And I felt deep inside with all my intuition that it is a good thing to do, even I was not in the stage of disease, I still had a challenge to eat clean food & was mentally and spiritually unstable & little lost...

The subtle effects of the first Master Cleanse I did 4 years ago, totally revealed to me today.

Not only I did cleanse my body & skin & system, leaving myself illness free (not ever ill since ) , no more skin issues (eczema, pimples which I did suffer with since childhood) , no constipation (this is as well thanks to change of diet and RIGHT FOOD COMBINATIONS) & have more energy, feeling vital & more lively, but as well it subtly shift my understanding of food & nutrition and oriented me toward the food & diet that support my body and mind wellbeing rather than easy choices & taste pleasure & convenient food according to the primal senses or time press.

Little by little and naturally I was on the path to healthy eating & today I see myself in 31 years being vegan, mostly raw & alkaline and really enjoying all this nutritious foods that just feels soo good to my body and my mind & hey! for the taste buds too!!!

All this epic smoothies, vegan cakes, gourmet raw meals & chocolates & fruits...I just Love it...

But as the book sais: “cleanse can not be ever complete if it doesn't combine full trinity - BODY & MIND & SPIRIT healing”.

Over the years I self-discipline myself to do daily Yoga & Meditation & Ayurvedic rituals & another like activities with joy, not because I have to , or I should, but because deep inside I know with my intuition & heart that it's good for me.

And NO, it's not necessarily easy, but good things don't usually come easy to you on the golden plate, you have to work for it with all your heart.

But now this days I'm soo looking forward to challenge myself by doing for example Kundalini Kriya where my hands will be in 60* degree for 11 minutes...You know why? Because I know it will change me & heal my mental wellbeing and help me to deal with stress, which next to the good food & food combinations & self-love, is the most important factor of wellbeing.

Because you can eat the best possible food, but if your mental stage is not good, or you are stressed, still there is no peace & balance & health.

On Spiritual level it makes me realize over the years, THE POWER OF MY SPIRIT and the full connection with JAH (God, Universal consciousness, Allah, Shiva...)

I was always spiritually connected, but coming from the country where most people are atheists, it was not that easy to believe in it.

I remember many years ago, when I was still searching for all the Gurus & Shamans & Mystical teachers, my friend told me : “but ...the GURU you need is inside of you” & now after few years on the path towards being my best version of myself I FEEL IT & I know I have healing powers to heal myself & others & I am connected & reconnected to the source of the truth & informations that are essential for total welbeing -JAH

Before I heard it, now I live it.

We change all the time, what we choose to influence us - We became

By watching crimi, horror & eating meat you just becoming more scared & fearfull & aggressive...

So choose love & believe in yourself & your powers & dream big & purify thy self*

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