Detoxifying Your Brain Naturally

Cleaning out the daily toxins of the brain includes boosting the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through practices such as yoga or meditation, according to studies from NYU School of Medicine. The idea is to drain the fluid from the lymphatic system to encourage the brain to remove toxins from the body. This brain cleanse helps boost physical, as well as spiritual health by increasing happiness, reducing anxiety, and resetting the brain for the daily challenges.

The Detoxification Process

Multiple studies, including research from Boston Children’s Hospital, have linked cognitive health to increased immunity, which provides an additional reason to detoxify the brain. Many people use herbalized oils, either dabbing them on the skin or burning them, before meditating. The smell and feel of a calming scent helps bring the brain to a peaceful state faster, draining the lymphatic system easier. The breathing process also helps detoxify and drain, as a study published in Alternative Therapy Health Medicine proves. This study found that CSF flow increases with deep breathing exercises, especially when combined with the calming concentration of meditation. Breathing in deeply then exhaling forcefully pulls the toxins from the brain, increasing happiness and cleaning the immune system.

Why The Island?

Meditating on an island has health benefits unsurpassed by city streets, or even forest settings. The beautiful Jamaican island, with the mystic sea breeze and breathtaking scenery, is the perfect place to begin the brain detoxification process. The Journal of Coastal Zone Management published a study proving that people with ocean view homes are calmer than those without. Scientists have found that the color blue helps enhance feelings of calmness, and improves one’s spiritual health. Furthermore, Sally Nazari, PsyD, reminds us that the sound of the waves helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which increases our sense of calm. Our brains are destimulated near an ocean, which is why the sea provides an amazing opportunity to detoxify emotional states during meditation sessions.

Sitting on a beach in Jamaica provides health benefits on its own. Using herbalized oils and meditation helps further detoxify the lymphatic system, leaving the brain feeling calmer and cleaner. The immune system is better able to function, creating a happier, healthier person overall. Today’s busy world makes us sick by clogging up our brains. Learn to clean out stress and relieve tension through a relaxing meditation session on a sunny island beach.

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