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5 Reasons Why You Need to be Intentional about Meditation

You know the thing they say about life being full of struggles, hustles and bustles? It’s absolutely correct. One can only remain sane in this insane climate if you take out time to relax, retreat, meditate, gather your thoughts, and break away from the endless cycle of pain and stress. You are responsible for your own sanity.

What does meditation entail? It is a state of concentration, mindfulness, that a person achieves by focusing on a particular picture in the mind so as to enable them reach a calmness that brings purity to the mind. Many think meditation is a recent phenomenon when in fact it has been in existence since time immemorial, widely practiced in different locations and in different manners, majorly as a way you get to reach your inner consciousness and experience your true being. Its long usage further underlines the extent of its importance. There are definitely no strict rules as to meditation, but one factor is important: that you’re deliberate and intentional about it.

Here are some reasons why you need to be intentional about meditation:

1.The Nature of Meditation

Meditation is an activity which is sui generis, i.e. it’s in a class of its own. The basic idea behind meditating is that rather than allow your attention be on things that are not happening to you at the moment, your energy is concentrated on your mind at that moment, it helps your body focus on what is and not what is not, hence, the need to be deliberate about it. As you meditate, you cultivate the consciousness of allowing what is uncomfortable for the ultimate great comfort that comes after. If you’re focusing on your breath, you’re training yourself to focus and concentrate on that, even if you’re tempted to divert your attention to what projects you have to execute that night or a huge task your boss has saddled you with. Meditation often shows you what you are missing when you don’t concentrate and as soon as you lose focus when meditating by allowing discomforting thoughts, you are no longer meditating, the idea is to make you stay in tune no matter what! Deal with it as against ignoring it. You can do this because you learned how to sit and practice being in the moment by focusing on your breath.

2.The Need to Reduce Stress

Some things are just associated with mankind; it is normal, things like stress. Everybody finds one thing or the other. Even a baby finds walking stressful at the beginning, the baby only gets used to it with time. Then, talk more of adults. You’ll struggle to make ends meet, pay your bills, stay relevant, and the list is endless. Stress is one of the core reasons people seek ways to meditate and as far as combating stress is concerned, studies have show that meditation actually comes good for individuals who indulge in it. Normally, mental and physical stress results in some harmful effects, such as sleep disorder, depression, anxiety, increase in blood pressure, fatigue etc. Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress considerably.

3.Increases ability to concentrate

Focused-attention meditation helps increase the fortitude and persistence of your attention. Graciously, it flows to your other tasks; you’re able to focus on one thing at a time and this enhances a high level of efficiency.

4.Increases your level of discipline

The mental discipline you can develop through meditation may aid in breaking unwanted habits; such as overeating, addiction etc. Research has revealed that meditation may help people learn to reorient their focus, increase their willpower, control their feelings, and increase their comprehension of the reasons why they do what they do.

5.Improves Sleep

Constant meditation may help you be wiled or reorient the wavering thoughts that lead to insomnia. Also, it can help release unnecessary anxieties, leaving you in a more convenient position to fall asleep.

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