8 Scientific Effects Traveling Has On Your Mind, Body And Soul

Traveling — the best way to escape life’s problems and recharge your emotional batteries.

We only get few vacation days per year, so we must be careful in our traveling decisions, regardless of the fact that we’d like four times that amount.

1. Extended travel can actually affect your personality.

It’s no surprise that traveling takes you outside of your comfort zone. In fact, this is perhaps why people crave traveling to the extent they do.

In psychology, there is this concept of the “Big Five,” which refers to the five dominant characteristics that describe a person’s personality.

These traits include neuroticism, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness and agreeableness.

The more travelers interact with new people and immerse themselves in a new culture, the more their goals are aligned with the openness personality trait.

2. It gives you a new perspective on life.

Observing how other cultures interact is the fastest way to make you more aware of the culture you came from.

Things you previously took for granted are now put into perspective, which just makes you more appreciative of your roots.

3. Traveler’s constipation is that voice you’ve been ignoring.

You thought this was a myth? Oh, how wrong you are. Most people can’t regulate their bathroom tendencies while traveling because they are so consumed with anxiety.

There are a ton of factors that cause bathroom issues for travelers, and the first can be chalked up to the change in your diet.

Followed by that is the complete and utter deviation from your standard routine, as well as jet lag.

4. It increases your emotional stability.

Since traveling helps put life into perspective, it also has the beneficial byproduct of making you less anxious when it comes to changes in your day-to-day life.

Instead of coming at these changes with unease and angst, travelers are more open and willing to accept things that deviate from their standard routine.

5. You get a rush of adrenaline.

Hiking and skydiving are just two examples of creating an adrenaline rush while traveling.

This is a huge motivator of why people travel — they want that rush they can’t get at home.

6. Your brain gets stronger and faster when you’re speaking another language.

If you really think about it, it makes sense, but luckily science is here to back it up.

Sure, you may not always be using this second language, but think about it like muscle memory — your brain and your body remember what you are capable of, and it brings you back to your strong powerhouse.

7. You become more aware of everything.

When you are traveling, you really have no choice but to be hyper-aware of your surroundings.

Your adventures are new, fun and exciting, causing you to take notice of absolutely everything around you.

8. You’re more likely to fall in love out of your comfort zone.

How much easier is it to fall in love when you are removed from your reality? You leave all of your worries and responsibilities at home while venturing off to new and exciting places.

Life just seems better when we’re relaxed, so it would only make sense falling in love outside of your comfort zone is such a common occurrence.

I mean your dates are spent hiking mountains, exploring beaches and having romantic dinners filled with exotic cuisine — even the most heartless of individuals couldn’t help falling in love under these circumstances.

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