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Our first FOOD & COOK BOOK GO NATURAL is here!


released 22.5.2020, 6,90 $ USD , 56 colorful pages.

Download your online version directly from our website:

or get your paperback or kindle version in Amazon:

Bringing yummy and simple recipes for anyone loving food. Based on Jamaican cuisine with a healthy twist, Vegan, Vegetarian.

Did you know that Jamaican cuisine is one of the tastiest in the whole world? Ever tried Vegan? Jamaican Vegan? Whether you are Vegan or not, you will absolutely love it!

And much more, this is not just an ordinary cookbook. The whole book can be used as a 1-week meal plan and has perfectly balanced meals, so that you get all your minerals, nutrients, proteins, fats, etc.

Its perfectly balanced, the menu is naturally detoxifying while nourishing.These recipes are just soo easy, and fast, no strange, and hard to get ingredients.The book also includes information about Proper Food Combinations and Info about the healing properties of some fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.

A great book to have in your library and kitchen!

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