Jamaica is an island with an amazing nature and pulsing culture, where various exotic adventures await you.

Trip to Reach falls

Its only 25 minutes away and the trip is included in your retreat package, its a must! 

Beautiful, refreshing, rejuvenating experience. Reach falls is known as one of Jamaica's most beautiful natural waterfall, it is centered on an exotic waterfall cascading down a rock face into an emerald river pool.

The lush greenery from the Montane Forrest and the refreshing pool beneath the cascading waterfall promises a memorable experience.

Reach Falls features a natural heart-shaped Jacuzzi which invigorates the body with every stroke from the water rushing through the channel. Reach falls compared to other more famous waterfalls in Jamaica, stays unspoiled and not overfilled with tourists, so you will have a chance to enjoy them in peace.


Relax all your body, relax all your muscles.

A professional masseuse will come to our villa to give you a message of your choice: Thai massage, Pressure points massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage...

Pamper yourself and relax.


Snorkeling and water adventures...

We complimentary provide you snorkeling accessories :-)

You can snorkel just by the beach and cliffs by the villa.

Explore the underwater life of Jamaica, all colorful fishes, and corals...

Relax in the sea and enjoy yourself with mother nature.


The best surfing beach in Jamaica is just 10 minutes away! 

We can organize your transportation, get you a surfboard and if you wish, an instructor to teach you too.


The water is warm and crystal clear, you will love it!

Surfs up!!!

Blue lagune trip

World famous Blue Lagune is a magical place! 

You can take a ride on a boat, listen to history or just watch this beautiful creation of mother nature. 

The water seems to have a bit of magic to it, as the color changes throughout the day, depending upon on the way the sun shines upon the surface. 

When you first arrive, the water can look turquoise but you may notice that during your ride, the water changes to a deeper sapphire or even royal blue.

City tour to Port Antonio or Kingston

We can organize transportation to Port Antonio or Kingston.

You will have the chance to see the "real" Jamaica: towns, markets, historical parts of town and locals in everyday action.


 You can also visit the fruit and spices market or the arts and craft market.


Rafting on the Rio Grande

Rio Grande River rafting provides some of the most beautiful views you will ever see and for about two to three hours you will be swallowed up by Jamaica’s natural beauty. 


Bamboo rafts were originally used to transport produces, especially bananas, from the interior of the island.

Beach explorer trip

Portland has the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica, we will take you for a trip to explore some of those unspoiled natural treasures.

Long Bay beach  (2 min. away)

Long Bay beach is also called the "hidden paradise beach". 

This beach is not overcrowded and it's a perfect place to meet the local people and have a drink with them. The sea is amazing with its colors and waves. This is not always a safe beach for the smallest children so keep an eye on them.

Boston beach  (15 min. away)

This small beach is famous by the wave surfers. In October and November, you will find one of the highest waves in Jamaica in the early morning hours. Great atmosphere and culture...

San San beach  (20 min. away)

San San beach is the ideal beach for snorkeling. The whole marine life area around San San beach is protected by law. No fishing or fast boats are allowed here. This is a nice piece of marine life to explore.

Frenchman's Cove  (20 min. away)

Frenchman's Cove is a nice beautiful beach which is in a small hotel property. The garden and entrance are beautifully landscaped and there is fresh river water flowing over the property. The water is safe to swim and there is a rescue guard on duty. After swimming in the crystal clear sea water, you take a dip in the river and wash off the salt.

Winnifred beach  (20 min. away)

This beach is one of the most popular beaches with visitors and locals. On holiday weekends, you will find a lot of people with a sound system. This beach is the perfect beach for children, most of the times quiet water and shallow, so safe for the small ones. You will find at the end of the beach a spring where you can take a nice swim.

Ennises Bay beach  (25 min. away)

This is half gravel, half sand beach. On this beach, you will mostly find locals and it is good for a swim. There is a reef out there which is nice for snorkeling (don't go there with high waves). Every Sunday night they have a party going on with a sound system.

Holland Bay  (30 min. away)

This beach is situated in the next Parish, St Thomas. This is a hidden away beach, which is beautiful for swimming, most of the times you will be the only one there.

Under the Rock beach  (35 min. away)

Under the rock beach is new, since 2 years and it gets nice developed in a small bay. The beach is small but nice and romantic. There is food on sale and in the season you can eat on the beach. Every Sunday night there is music and sometimes they have live shows with local talent. In the night the whole setting looks nice with colorful lights and benches to sit on.

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