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Personalized Paradise - Your Retreat, Your Way, Go Natural Jamaica

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Nestled in picturesque Long Bay in the Portland Parish of Jamaica,

lies a small and charming rustic guesthouse that boasts a stunning

private beach and sweeping cliffside sea viewsfor its guests. The rooms are curated with both local and international art, bohemian, natural and organic style, creating a peaceful atmosphere that harmonizes with its coastal surroundings.

With its quaint and cozy rooms, Go Natural Jamaica provides a comfortable and intimate environment for its guests. The seafront rooms offer breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, which can be enjoyed from the private verandas and hammocks. Go Natural has all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay including complimentary Wi-Fi.

One of the main highlights of the property is its private beach, where guests can relax and soak up the sun in the comfort of their own beach chairs. The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking, and there are plenty of opportunities for guests to explore the beautiful coastline of Long Bay.

Guests can enjoy their meals while taking in the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea from the dining room or in the private rooms.

Go Natural Jamaica underwent a change in ownership in May 2022. While there are many changes underway, some things will remain unchanged. These include the stunning property, the private beach, and the sweeping ocean views. However, the retreat center will no longer operate solely as a yoga retreat center and will instead offer various retreat modalities.

Go Natural Jamaica has ceased to operate under the all-inclusive model. We have recently transitioned into a self-curated retreat center. Meaning, your retreat, your design. 

Instead, we are now offering meal packages and yoga sessions as additional options that can be purchased a la carte. Should you wish to take advantage of these services during your stay, you can arrange for them at an additional cost. This approach provides us with greater flexibility in meeting your individual needs, budgets and preferences. If you prefer to have meals and yoga included in your stay, we will be happy to accommodate your request, and the nightly rate will reflect the added services. We hope that you find these options beneficial and enjoyable, and we eagerly anticipate your visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Additionally, the center will now welcome solo and group travelers who are interested in exploring Jamaica and its beautiful Portland parish. The management will be available on-site at all times.

For those dining with us, we offer a curated menu that includes local coffee, sugar, chicken, and seafood, while vegan and vegetarian options will always be available.We also accommodate dietary restrictions.

 Guests are encouraged to explore the local community, and we will offer on-site excursion coordination to Reach Falls, Winnifred Beach, Frenchman's Cove, Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande, Port Antonio, and a visit to permaculture farm. Many fruits and vegetables grown on site, farm to table. We are also working towards full sustainability, becoming entirely off-grid with solar and rainwater catchments.



 This beautiful and remote location is perfect to get away from it all. The hypnotic crashing of the ocean waves, spectacular star-filled nights and rejuvenating yoga classes will help to calm your mind and feed your soul. The delicious vegan meals will nourish your body and delight your senses. Napping in the seaside hammocks and day bed is heavenly. Enjoying meals with so many lovely people from all over was such a great experience. All the yoga teachers were fabulous and the chef works magic with locally sourced fresh and healthy ingredients. Lion (one of the owners) leads Kundalini classes which are so wonderful.

I felt 20 years younger when I left 10 days later. I can’t wait to go back!! 


from Canada

featured in Media & Partners

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